A bleed is printing from one edge of the paper to the other without the standard borders by which most personal printers are limited. This is useful for printing brochures, posters, and other marketing materials. Often the paper is trimmed after printing to ensure the ink runs fully to the edge and does not stop short of it

Visual Guide

Below is guide on how to properly setup your file for Bleeds.

Bleed Setup

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In order to print your file with a full bleed, there must be an additional 1/2" added to the overall dimensions. In FIG. 1 the file is setup at 9"x11.5", the red shaded area will be cut off and the resulting final product will be FIG. 2, an 8.5"x11" sheet with no white margins. This bleed setup works for any size document that you don't want a white margin on.

No Bleed Setup

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If you are printing a file that doesnt bleed and your content goes to the edges of the document, see FIG. 3, your file will be shrunk to adjust for the 1/4" white margin when it is printed. The resulting final product will be FIG. 4, an 8.5"x11" sheet with a minimum of a 1/4" margin on all sides.

When you are setting up your file it is best to know before hand if you want your document to have a bleed. This way you will know exactly how your document will look once printed and there will be no surprises when you receive the finished product.