Paper Types

Which paper type is right for my job? Check out the descriptions below to find the paper stock that is just right for you.

Note: Most paper types have the word "color" or "white" in the title. This is referring to the actual color of the paper. Selecting a paper stock with "color" in the title will unlock more options where you can choose the color you want. The following paper descriptions are not particular to either the white or color options but instead describe the qualities of the paper itself.


20/50# Laser Bond - This is basic copy paper, the same sort most home and office users have in their desktop printers. It is light-weight, low in cost, and not particularly durable for some uses, such as covers for books and booklets, but completely sufficient for most single-sided print jobs, particularly black and white ones.

24/60# Laser Smooth - This paper is slightly sturdier, smoother and thicker than the 20/50#. It is more suitable for double-sided copying, particularly when color is more saturated. It is great for books, booklets, three-ring binders, and more.

28/70# Laser Smooth - This paper is on the lighter end of the sort you would typically find in a commercial magazine. It is great for photos, text, graphics, and any situation where you want a heavier paper without the need for a glossy finish.

32/80# Laser Smooth - On the heavier end of paper you would typically find in a commercial magazine, this paper is thicker and sturdier than its predecessor. It is great for all the same applications, but provides a sturdier quality you can feel.

32/80# Glossy Text - Weighing in the same as its predecessor, this paper has a glossy finish which gives it the look of a commercial magazine or catalog to go with the feel and weight. While not as glossy as straight photo paper, this is particularly good for any instance where you want to add extra life and dimension to your photos and graphics.

2-Part Carbonless - Carbonless forms are a newer evolution of traditional carbon papers without the mess of carbon to deal with. They are intended for use as forms, receipts, invoices, or any situation where you want multiple copies of what is written on a sheet. 2-part carbonless paper comes with two sheets: white (original) and yellow (the copy).

3-Part Carbonless - This is the same as the 2-Part Carbonless, but with an additional pink sheet on the back for situations where you want two copies plus the original.

Cardstock (Cover Weight)

Cardstock is the name given to a category of paper which is thick and heavy enough to be used as postcards, business cards, book and magazine covers, etc. It is much thicker than regular paper stock and is not particularly suited to be folded up or stapled.

65# Cover Laser - This is a lighter cardstock, not quite as thick or heavy as the sort typically used for business cards, postcards, etc. It can be great for small handbills and fliers, posters, or as covers for books and booklets.

65# Glossy Cover - This is the same weight and thickness as its predecessor, but with a glossy finish comparable to what you would find on the cover of a commercial magazine or catalog.

80# Cover Laser - This cardstock is of the sort you would find on business cards, postcards, heavier book covers, etc. It is also great for posters, fliers, handbills, or any other situation where you want your product to hold up under stress.

80# Glossy Cover - The same weight and thickness of its predecessor, but with a glossy finish.

100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

We now proudly offer paper that is 100% post-consumer recycled, meaning that it is made completely of materials that have been recycled by previous users. The paper is slightly grainier than its non-recycled counterparts, a result of the breaking down and re-pulping of previously used materials. It is also slightly less durable.

Note: Recycled paper is not available with a glossy finish, as glossy paper cannot be recycled.

28/70# Recycled White Smooth - This is the recycled version of our standard 28/70# paper. It is currently only available in white.

80# Recycled Cover - This is the recycled version of our standard 80# cover paper. It can be used for all the same applications but is currently only available in white with no glossy finish.